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Writing helps me organize my thoughts. Here, you can find a mix of technical write-ups, personal reflections, and more.

Using Notion to track my books05/29/22
Getting started with Next.js and TypeScript03/11/22
New year, new website01/03/22
LaneNet on NVIDIA Jetson01/09/21
Esther's Books, a SwiftUI app for viewing my reads08/25/20
TinyML Book08/14/20
Creating category pages with Jekyll04/09/20
Custom callout styles based on Bootstrap04/02/20
Introducing Potter Pi10/20/19
WordPress tips and tricks10/05/19
Reading Quantified, iOS Edition06/11/19
A few tips for managing Ruby-based projects04/28/19
Refactoring Reading Quantified12/19/18
The trials and tribulations of Git LFS08/25/18
My development tools06/16/18
Playing with Android Things03/31/18
Headless Raspberry Pi Setup01/29/18
A new site design with Bootstrap 409/09/17
My experience with the HackerBox Autosport kit07/03/17
Books and notes06/24/17
Redesigning Reading Quantified04/11/17
5 UX book recommendations01/25/17
O Holy Night12/23/16
Alexa, turn on the light09/10/16
Asking Alexa for the temperature and humidity from a Particle Photon08/30/16
Monitoring temperature and humidity using the Particle Photon05/25/16
Using Edison and Arduino 101 together04/08/16
Introducing Reading Quantified11/24/15
Visualizing usability data with a heat map in R11/05/15
LediMote - Remote-controlled LEDs using Intel Edison and Node.js06/25/15
Speech-activated LEDs using Intel Edison04/15/15
Filtering posts by tags with Jekyll03/18/15
Remote text-editing on Edison with Atom02/24/15
Motion sensors on Android Wear02/04/15
Video streaming on Edison12/08/14
Real-time face detection using OpenCV, Node.js, and WebSockets12/02/14
Building an Edison image and changing the root partition size11/22/14
Connecting a USB device to the Edison Mini breakout board11/06/14
Getting started with Intel Edison on OS X10/29/14
Migrating my website to Jekyll09/03/14
Using WebSockets for developing multi-screen user experiences02/24/14
The MEAN stack12/30/13