LediMote - Remote-controlled LEDs using Intel Edison and Node.js

June 25, 2015

I had some more fun with LEDs and Edison, but this time, I created a JavaScript (Node.js) example.

In this demo, 4 LEDs are controlled remotely from a web page. The MRAA library is used to interface with the LEDs. Socket.IO is then used to communicate the state of the switches from the web page to the server (Edison).

I also created iOS and Android clients to show that native mobile apps can be used to control the LEDs. To do this, I used the Socket.IO iOS and Android libraries, which were both straightforward to integrate.

To see the web and iOS clients in action, check out the video. Unfortunately, the video was made before I finished the Android app, but it behaves similarly to the others.

For more details on how to set this up, please take a look on GitHub.