A new site design with Bootstrap 4

September 9, 2017

Over the years, my website has gone through several design and architectural changes. The latest iteration has been re-built from the ground up with Bootstrap 4, along with a renewed emphasis on minimal and focused content.

Here's a list of the key changes:

  • Using Sass & Bootstrap together. Migrating to Sass has been in the works for awhile. Now, it's fully realized by using the Bootstrap Sass source, as well. This has made it much easier to customize and extend Bootstrap.
  • A new look. An updated color palette and font styles have been introduced. Other visible changes include a fresh look for the home page, a new navbar design, and a Dracula-themed code syntax highlighter. (FYI, Dracula is hands down my favorite dark theme, and I use it everywhere!)
  • Projects & blogs. The site has been slimmed down to focus on these two items. Everything else has been cut! Astute observers may also notice that the tags feature from the blog section has also been cut. It may be re-introduced at a later point, but the goal is to keep the site as slim as possible.
  • And a lot of little tweaks. Too many to enumerate!

It probably goes without saying, but the site will continue to evolve. Please stop by again to see how it changes!